About Us

Lynne Anderson and Bobby Gaglini
Lynne Gaglini and Bobby Gaglini, the duo behind Flat Iron Pottery.

Flat Iron Pottery (right now) is made up of very tight team of two: head potter Lynne Gaglini, and her husband Bobby Gaglini who handles the less glamorous web development and fulfillment sides of the business. Both grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area, but now call Los Angeles their home. The clay you find is vastly different between the two areas!

Flat Iron Pottery was unofficially born back in 2015, when head potter Lynne Gaglini turned her interest in pottery into a serious hobby. Through extensive classwork and personal practice, Lynne has been able to hone in on her craft and develop a very unique style of wheel-throwing and glazing that has become her trademark. Each week will bring in different pottery pieces ranging from dinner plates to mugs, as well as less common items such as honey holders, utensil crocks and even small teapots.

The name "Flat Iron" comes not from a physical iron, but from a special place near and dear to Lynne's heart. For the past 60 years, the Lynne's family has been trekking up to northern New Hampshire, where they own 25 acres of untouched wilderness nestled just outside of the White Mountains. The unpaved road that the campsite is off of? Flat Iron Road. For as long as she can remember, Lynne has traveled north with her family every summer to obtain tranquility and a connection to nature just off of Flat Iron Road. It's this same tranquility that she finds in the pottery studio, along with the peaceful energy she strives for every day.

Here's a note from the author herself:

I began learning how to throw back in 2015 and fell in love with it. My body and mind craved a creative outlet and I loved the challenge of learning something new. Going to the studio isn't just a chance to make something beautiful, it's also an opportunity to release the stress built up over the week. There's something so wonderful about getting muddy and sculpting an amorphous lump of clay into a utilitarian work of art.

My goal is to make pieces that remain functional, but also feel good in your hands. My belief is that you should love the pottery pieces in your household, and that everyone should have stoneware that is both useful and beautiful. My pottery knowledge is ever growing, and as I grow wiser, the breadth of my work will grow in turn.

Please feel free to reach out to me with a specific idea in mind, and I would be more than happy to make them for you!

-Lynne Gaglini